About The Study

A feasibility study is underway for I-277 improvements within the study area of Johnson Street on the Brookshire Freeway to Mint Street on the Belk Freeway. The study’s purpose is to improve traffic capacity and safety, and the project includes data collection, environmental screening, scoping process, traffic analysis, conceptual designs, cost estimates, and feasibility study report. This study does not include concepts/improvements for the two I-277/I-77 interchanges.

Why Crowdsource Comments?

As part of the data gathering efforts for this study, we need to hear from you. The Crowdsource Map is a useful tool to do just that. Here you can make as many public comments as you'd like and at your convenience. Comments will be anonymous. What type of comments is the Study Team looking for?

To add a comment to the map, drag the map to align the crosshairs to the desired location to add a comment to/about and either click the crosshair/arrow icon or click the "Add a Comment" button. Please note, you can change your comment location by dragging the marker and re-positioning.

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